4 Reasons to Choose Peace Love Dogs for Dog Training

Training your dog properly is essential to building a peaceful relationship, but a quick search for Houston dog trainers provides so many choices.


Tight-knit Community

Join our Facebook community and interact with the many current student and alumni dog owners. You can share your experiences in our classroom and feel connected with our many successful clients.


Dog Training with Flexible Night Classes

Peace Love Dogs understands that our clients are busy, so we offer a variety of scheduling options to fit your needs including evening classes and daytime drop-off. This ensures you can train your dog without altering your work schedule.

These flexible options allow you to build a lasting bond with your dog in a variety of training areas including puppy training and group adult dog classes.


Certified Dog Trainers

Our goal of creating happy, well-balanced dogs could not be possible without a team of certified dog trainers. Our team is comprised of qualified professionals who have a passion for dogs and compassionate training techniques.

At Peace Love Dogs we have 6 Certified Professional Dog Trainers (CPDT-KA) that are also American Kennel Club recognized Canine Good Citizen evaluators (AKC CGC). Additionally, we have one of ten Certified Dog Behavior Consultants (CDBC) in the state of Texas. The team at Peace Love Dogs is continually re-investing in their behavior and training education to ensure you are receiving the most ethical, effective, and modern training protocols.


Relationship-Based Training

At Peace Love Dogs, we focus on setting dogs up for success in life by teaching them our expectations. We use rewards such as toys, free-time, praise, food, and games to encourage dogs to make correct choices. We also use consequences, such as a time out or removal of a reward, to set healthy boundaries. We want owners to be able to effectively communicate with their dog to ensure a happy and enjoyable life together.

Positive reinforcement training is the use of praise and treats to reward your dog for acceptable behavior. Unlike other training options, positive reinforcement will not intimidate your dog, making it a preferred training style of the American Kennel Club. This training style is essential to the success of Peace Love Dogs.

Our program creates a safe learning environment. We understand the needs of our dog owners while also helping you to build a lasting bond centered on trust and understanding.

Take control of your dog’s future with Houston’s premier dog training academy. Contact us today.