Boarding School

Train. Play. Sleep. Repeat

Welcome to Peace Love Dogs Boarding School, your dog’s educational home away from home. We believe every interaction is a learning opportunity. Using a mix of training, play and rest, we designed each program to prepare both pet and parent with a long-lasting educational foundation. During your dog’s stay, our dedicated staff instills basic commands, behavioral conditioning and socialization. With scheduled play and cuddle times, our boarding school ensures you’ll have a well-rounded, healthy pup.

We offer a variety of programs to meet your accommodation needs.

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5 Day Boarding School Program
Tuition $995

This program serves as an introduction to boarding life at PLD. During your dog’s stay, we’ll work on:

  • Sitting before meals
  • Sitting before entering/exiting doorways
  • Proper leash manners

Additionally, our trained staff provides ample play and cuddle time so your pup gets the right physical, mental and emotional stimulation.

For pet parents, this program provides a one-hour private training session for continued education at home.
10 Day Boarding School Program
Tuition $1,995

Build upon the introductory curriculum in this program, adding more specific behavioral commands to prepare your pup for higher learning. The program includes:

  • Everything included in the 5-day program, plus
  • Intro to stay command
  • Leave it command
  • Down command
  • Recall command
Pet parents receive 2 one-hour private lessons.
20 Day Boarding School Program
Tuition $2,995

This program sees your dog advancing to intermediate-level training. With ample learning time, we initiate training for behavioral issues and socialization. The program includes:

  • Everything included in the 10-day program, plus
  • Take it command
  • Drop it command
  • Proper human interactions
  • On-leash dog interactions
Pet parents can continue work on boarding education as well as specific behavioral issues, such as biting/chewing, barking and digging, with 3 one-hour private lessons.
30 Day Boarding School Program
Tuition $3,795

Our most comprehensive boarding curriculum takes your dog’s PLD education and places it in real-world scenarios. The program includes:

  • Everything included in the 20-day program, plus
  • Distance, distraction and duration training
  • Free pass to 6-week Advanced Skills group class
  • Graduation and diploma
Pet parents receive 4 one-hour private training lessons to support continued education plus an Honor Roll Pup t-shirt.

  • Spacious Dorm Room
  • Outdoor Fun
  • Learning with Trainers
  • Cuddle Time
  • Play Sessions
  • Mental Enrichment Activities
  • Progress Reports and Photos
  • Alumni Status

Already a PLD Alumni?

If you’ve already been through one of the Alumni courses then your dog is eligible for Alumni Lodging! Alumni Lodging does not require your dog to go through the Boarding School program. Eat, play, train and then stay the night in our world-class suites.

Alumni Lodging
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