Resort-style living. Five-paw rating.

Our luxury lodging is exclusive to PLD clients who’ve participated in one of our training programs. Enjoy a variety of room designs, with amenities such as pet-friendly TV programming, private patios and spa baths*,  that will keep your pup perfectly pleasant when you’re apart. We provide accommodations for current students and alumni.

Student Lodging

Don’t let travel get in the way of your dog’s training. For existing PLD trainees, we offer a best-in-class stay that reinforces your pet’s current training curriculum. Choose from our standard dorm room, or upgrade to one of our suite options. Accommodations include:

  • Refresher training sessions
  • Playtime with friends
  • Cuddle time with trainers
  • Report card and lodging photo delivered every three days

Nightly Rates Starting at $139

Alumni Lodging

Alumni lodging is available to any PLD client who’s completed one of our required training programs. Enjoy discounted rates during your stay and choose from three alumni lodging packages.

Give your dog the comforts of home even when they’re away. In this package, your pet pal will enjoy luxury accommodations, as well as indoor-outdoor playtime.

Nightly Rates Starting at $89

Enjoy the benefits of added mental, physical and emotional stimulation with our intermediate package. Trainers will provide stimulating playtime and relaxing cuddle time, to ensure one unforgettable stay.

Includes report card and lodging photos. 

Nightly Rates Starting at $109

In this refresher package, we’ll revisit many of the lessons your pup learned during their training and sprinkle in some new nuggets of wisdom, as needed. Combined with ample play and cuddle time, this package will find you reunited with a holistically refreshed pet pal.

Includes report card and lodging photos.

Nightly Rates Starting at $129

Lodging includes:
  • Spacious Dorm Room
  • Raised Kuranda Cot
  • Plush Lambswool Bedding
  • TV Shows
  • Manners Maintenance
  • Wellness Checks
  • Meal Puzzles

World Class Boarding School

The Peace Love Dogs Boarding School program is designed to enhance your dog’s ability to learn through positive reinforcement training methods and help you build an enjoyable relationship with your dog. Our focus is to take your pup’s understanding of commands and ability to follow through to new heights and to give you all the encouragement, skills, and knowledge necessary to be effective at home.  

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