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Caylon M.

I just want to say a few things about Peace Love & Dogs. I absolutely loved the fact that gave this place a try and here are just a few reasons why:

1. The classes were fun. The trainer in my canine obedience class – I think that’s what it’s called- was amazing. She was so upbeat and just easy to understand overall. She was great with her training techniques and she spent about the same amount of time with each dog in her class and it was FULL! We learned a lot but it was done in such a fantastic way. Thanks Hayley – our trainer – for the wonderful time!

2. The atmosphere of the facility is amazing. I trained my dog before as a puppy and the place which shall not be named that we went to before was subpar to say the least. Peace Love and Dogs facility was really nice. It didn’t smell, it was always clean and it is a nice size. Plus they have their own play area too!

3. And it’s the really big reason that I even gave the place a second thought. The customer service is amazing. It just isn’t seen anymore that people actually take the time to be nice to people who would like to use their services. I stopped by first to get a tour of the facility and was immediately directed to Franny. She answered all of my questions, showed me around and immediately followed up with me with all of the questions I asked, and I asked a lot. It would be too much to say that I may have called up there on more than one occasion because I liked speaking with Franny. She truly made me feel important and like a person, unlike many other places where you are just a sale. She always asked me about my dog and just general questions about me whenever I talked to her. Whether it was over the phone or in person. I honestly can’t say enough about her! I have worked in customer service and I know I wasn’t as good as her and I pride myself on my work,.

So, if you are looking for an amazing place to learn how to train your dog with some of the best trainers – IMHO – give Peace love and dogs a try. And ask for Franny. She will take care of you and it will be one of the best experiences you have.

– Caylon M.

Larissa F

Peace love and dogs came highly recommended so we had high expectations of our trainer, Hayley. But she exceeded our expectations. She was very perceptive, knowledgeable, and creative when it came to helping out our dogs.

– Larissa F

Lauren Hicks

When my husband and I brought home our little bundle of puppy joy, we agreed that training was important. I’ve had dogs my whole life, and we’ve always done training at pet stores nearby, so that was the plan. Our vet recommended that we check out Peace Love Dogs, which was a solid 20 minute drive from us (and we pass about a million Petcos and PetSmarts on the way), but when your vet tells you to check something out, you listen.

He was absolutely right.

Peace Love Dogs is a little slice of heaven for both us and our dog, Ravi! We’ve taken the Puppy I and II courses, as well as sent him to Puppy Preschool, which is a safe place to get your dog socialized (you should absolutely do this, please do this, I’m begging you), as well as basically a full day with some incredible trainers who love your dog almost as much as you do. It’s so much more than just daycare, and it’s worth every penny.

Don’t think that sending your pup off will just magically make everything great though – you have to do your homework and practice with them. The classes are really for you too, so make sure you bring your spouse/kids to get the most out of it. You have to learn how to communicate with your dog too!

PLD is amazing, we have a really good dog.

– Lauren Hicks

George W.

An enjoyable experience for humans and dog. It’s a well organized program with a good mix of learning and play in the Puppy 1 class. We plan to stick with it – already have seen a lot of progress with our beast!

– George W.

Dorcas S.

One session and I could better understand my pound puppy. We are more relaxed, and he is sitting for treats. Name recognition is coming along too.  Thanks for the mad skills!

– Dorcas S.

Victoria D.

I loved taking my puppy to puppy preschool! She seemed like she had a great time and was tired the rest of the day. I can’t wait to take her back and hopefully get her trained there!

– Victoria D.

Suzanne R.

Peace Love Dogs is awesome!  The trainers really know what they are doing. I highly recommend the classes they offer. We took the Puppy Classes I and II and we took our puppy to their Puppy Preschool. We also did a couple private lessons. The group puppy classes were well run, organized, and well-supervised. Lots of fun training exercises and games to reinforce the training. We learned so much!  I was concerned that the puppy class wouldn’t be as effective as private training, but I was wrong. It was MORE effective. Loved it. The Puppy Preschool is an all-day play session to teach the puppies how to socialize with other dogs. Never realized the importance of this until we did it. We now have a well-behaved, well-socialized dog who never gets aggressive with other dogs.  Looking forward to continuing with classes so that our dog can become a therapy dog.

– Suzanne R.

Stephanie N.

As a first-time dog owner PLD has been great for me. My dog has graduated from their Puppy I and Puppy II classes. She is now almost a year old, and she is very well-behaved with people and dogs. The class style with off-leash breaks really works with puppy socialization and learning how to play with other dogs. I take my dog on long daily walks and we regularly meet other dogs on the path, and she regularly receives compliments from other dog owners on how good she is and friendly with other dogs.

I was so happy with the training that I take my dog to doggie day care at PLD once a week so she has social time with other dogs. The bonus is that all the people that work at PLD are trainers too so there is consistency and reinforcement in her training when she’s with them.

Most of all they are a fun and caring team who are always willing to spend time with me so I can take the best care of my dog.

– Stephanie N.

Susie and Jim

One day last winter, ZuZu our 8 lbs. Russian-Toy walked out in the yard without leash and got
distracted. He ran away, not attentive to our calling. We nearly lost him. We knew at that
moment, we need to train him and ourselves otherwise we might lose him to a car or…
After an exhaustive internet search and several phone calls, we finally talked to the staff at
Peace, Love, and Dog. They understood our concerns and assured us that we would see results
in short order if we were willing to work on their programs both at home and class. We jumped
right in.
Unlike Chesapeake Bay Retrievers, or Hounds types we had before, ZuZu literally lives in the
house and sleeps in bed by our heads. Jim has trained Retrievers for field trial and hunting, but
this eight-pound boy is totally different. He is so close to us and we couldn’t use the methods
we employed in the past.
We first visited their homework pages provided by Peace, Love and Dog after we registered.
This extensive package collects and covers all of the subjects orderly and systematically. We are
amazed at the quality of this resource. Things started to improve after Zuzu’s first lesson. The
facility is well-appointed and equipped. Victoria, our teacher, gave us the overview along with
the first lesson and we were on our way. Expect more home work than class work. We
discovered there is a method to the madness of treat training.
We are almost finishing with the Cultivated Canine Class. Both Hayley and Tori have worked
and challenged Zuzu to a higher standard. Our pup is excited to go to P,L & D and happy to be
in the classroom to learn. We feel blessed to have Peace, Love and Dog as our ally and mentor.
We plan to continue and take the next class. We now approach ZuZu using common commands
and praise. This alone has stopped much of his confusion. It’s up for debate if you guys train
dogs or dogs’ owners. Thank you, again!

– Susie and Jim

Ashley K.

I really enjoyed my time at PL&D. I started my 1.5 yr old labradoodle in the Courteous Canine I class where there were 7 other dogs. She learned basic obedience skills such as down, stay and leave it. This is not a one and done class, rather they give you the tools you need to teach your dog how you want for them to behave. The classes are fun and I really enjoyed our instructor who doesn’t scold you or your dog, but uses positive reinforcement to help train your dog. I just finished Cultivated Canine II where you practice place, leave it, and loose leash walking. I do see a difference with my dog, Penny, and will continue to use the skills I have learned in the class. I plan on signing up for the Canine Good Citizen class and have Penny take the CGC test which would open up the door for her to become a service dog.

– Ashley K.


I cried as I googled shelters for huskies in Alaska and other northern states.  My partner Jonathan and I were at our wit’s end with our husky puppy Beni.  Jonathan had gotten Beni about a month after our first dog passed because our home felt so empty after losing our black lab Jack who was with us for 7 years and was our first pet as a couple.  Beni would be our new addition; our new love.  Yet it was not working and instead, not being able to connect to Beni made us miss Jack more and be even sadder.  He was uncontrollable, chewed up half our kitchen, wouldn’t listen, and would often hurt us with his mouthing.  As we googled shelters to take him in, I remembered the good time we had at our Puppy I class and Puppy Preschool with PLD several months back.   I turned to Jonathan and proposed we give Beni a fighting chance and that we should fight for him to stay with us as much as we had fought for Jack to survive his illness before his passing. This is how Beni enrolled in Prep School.  This is how Tori Hankey saved our little family of three (four if you count our rescue cat).

Beni was lucky enough to work with Tori and his love for her is obvious in the way he’d get off the car each morning for two weeks and greet her.  I even told Tori once that I wished he’d look at me the way he’d look at her.  Tori provided the leadership and guidance Beni needed to learn good basic behaviors and for myself and my partner to be better and more effective pet parents.

The folder through which we communicated was a great tool.  The greatest tool of all were the quick conversations Tori and I would have when I’d either drop off or pick up Beni.  During those conversations, the focus was not just on whether Beni learned new commands or not, but included ideas about learning about Beni and who he was.  The greatest lessons were not the commands he mastered, although they are amazing, but were the pieces of knowledge about how to communicate with Beni. Tori taught us about leadership, consistency, and most importantly, about respecting Beni’s likes and dislikes.  After coming to terms with the idea that Beni does not consider petting pleasant or a reward, we were to better able to train him.   We also talked about Beni as a husky that was bred to work and the need for him to be stimulated often.

With regards to the obedience goals we had set for Prep School, Beni met all of them.  Through the work he’d do daily at PLD with Tori and the homework we would do each night, Beni learned all the basic commands, structured play, crating, handling, and even place.  Before Prep School, vet visits were very difficult but now with the commands and Beni’s training, he can be handled without any concerns.

To say that Tori saved our little family is an understatement.  We were stuck in a cycle of still mourning our black lab and constant frustration, sadness, anger and other emotions with Beni and his lack of basic commands.  While Puppy I and Preschool were enough when he was months old, as a teenager we knew he needed more. It was through Prep School and Tori’s dedication and work that we got to understand Beni and learn how to connect with him.  His two weeks of training have helped us bring out the best in Beni and the best in us as pet parents.

We are grateful to NOT have to send Beni to a husky rescue in Alaska because Tori not only helped Beni solidify some basic behaviors, she taught Jonathan and I about the best way to provide Beni with a nurturing home and an environment where he can thrive.  We are truly indebted to PLD and Tori.


– LuzirisTuri

Stacey & Friday Nash

I wanted to write and tell you thank you for all you have taught me. I knew nothing about having a dog, or how to communicate with a dog. And I know that Friday is such a sweet, fun, caring dog because you guys helped me, and continue to help me.

Just to let you know, I went to Austin last week for 5 days, and took Friday with me. She stayed at my daughter’s house and her husband works in a 200-person office where you can take your dog to work. He took Friday in with him, and he told me that she was so good and well-behaved, but also relaxed and happy. (And of course she pooped on the lawn of the capitol.) You guys are amazing at what you do and need to realize that you make not just dog’s lives happier and healthier, but people too.

– Stacey & Friday Nash

Erica Popowitch and Austin

I’m so thankful that I went to PLD based on other reviews. This place is amazing. We have a chocolate lab puppy who is now not so much a puppy. He just graduated from Puppy I class and it was worth every early Saturday morning (not all classes are early on Saturdays) and every penny. Austin knows all basic commands and them some. Austin was also enrolled in their Puppy Preschool 2x a week. Between that and the weekly classes, the socialization he gets there is priceless! Being a lab he loves to chew on everything including our hands and ever since he has been attending, our hands are no longer his chew toy of choice! Playing with all the other dogs has taught him bite inhibition better than we ever could as humans. He now attends adult daycare twice a week. He loves going and usually doesn’t even pay attention to me when I drop him off. He comes home exhausted and even gets a report card.

I would HIGHLY recommend PLD for anyone who needs puppy training, puppy preschool or even adult doggie daycare. The Puppy I class was so good, we are planning to enroll him in the next level class.

– Erica Popowitch and Austin

Kem & Penny

PLD is absolutely the best puppy training facility I have found in Houston. My puppy started with the Puppy I class in conjunction with Puppy Daycare/Socialization Saturdays, moved on to Puppy II, and by 8 months achieved her Canine Good Citizen Certification. My next goal with her is to become a Therapy Dog. The trainers and staff at PLD are very knowlegable and friendly; they truly care about each and every client. The facility is always very clean and comfortable for both the training classes and the daycare setting. I am so glad I found Peace Love and Dogs. It has made my puppy training experience so much more enjoyable. I absolutely love taking my dog out in public because of all of the positive comments I get regarding how trained and well-behaved she is. Keep up the good work PLD!!!

– Kem & Penny

Jordan Drew

In the summer of 2013, I had just adopted an 11 week old St Bernard, who was amazing, adorable, fluffy and all-around wonderful… except that she seemed to be fearfully reacting to other dogs. This was a stressful situation for a first-time puppy owner, and thank goodness a friend recommended Peace Love and Dogs! The staff were immediately concerned and attentive to my situation. My puppy went through Puppy Preschool, Puppy 1 and 2 obedience courses, as well as individual workshops focused on loose leash walking, stay and come. She even passed the Canine Good Citizen test in October! She is now 11 months old and a truly wonderful companion. Our newest addition to the family, a 6 month old St Bernard, is working on her Puppy 2 obedience class, and we can’t wait to see what’s next on the schedule.

Beyond their incredible puppy training programs, their adult-dog daycare is awesome. My pups (who are now full-fledged daycare dogs) think PLD is the best place in the world, and I do too when I get to relax at night with happily snoozing Saints at my feet! I could not imagine a better experience with dog daycare and training than I have had at Peace Love and Dogs!

– Jordan Drew

Cathy Moore

Our puppy is now 7 months old and we are happy to say that he has attended several of the classes at Peace Love and Dogs. We have taken him to puppy pre-school, Puppy I, Puppy II, stay & Place workshops and now he attends doggy day care.  So it would be fair to say we have experienced many of the excellent programs that PLD has to offer. The Peace Love and Dog training programs are not only unique but the puppy programs truly do help your dog grow in to a well socialized and well behaved dog. Much of the puppy classes focus  on socializing your dog, and ensuring that you and your family can enjoy the dog including him/her in many activities. Our whole family is so grateful to PLD for helping us learn how to work with our puppy. We believe it is because of them that he is so well behaved and mellow. Honestly we are amazed at what he has learned in their classes. Everything he has learned in the classes continues to be reinforced in daycare.

Stephanie B. and Stephanie G. are the two trainers we have worked with the most. They are both awesome!!!!! They always had all of the dogs safety and well being in mind during each of the classes.  Often they tailored certain training exercises to fit the needs of a puppy to ensure his or her success.

They helped all of us understand the way our dog learns, and how we can help him to be successful.  They trained us so we can continue to train and practice with our dogs long after the class is over. If you are considering a dog trainer, puppy preschool or doggy day care I cannot recommend  Peace, Love and Dogs highly enough. They are so helpful and you will love the well educated trainers and caring staff.

– Cathy Moore

Shan Shan Wei & Lucky

They are the best in dog training and dog daycare. Different from a lot of daycare places, they have a day schedule for the dogs there. They have been trained with good behaviors and have fun with their friends. My dog loves going there every time and always has a great time there with his friends. I attended their evening training program. It was a great program. Stephanie explained to all of us dog’s behavior and how to behave them in a good way. Then everyone  practiced with their dogs and the staff was there helping us too. It was also a great family time. We love it and Lucky loves it too!

People there all have a sweet and big heart. They also help a lot to rescue abused dogs and lost dogs in the street. My dog Lucky was abused by his previous parents and rescued by PLD. She saved him and trained him so good. We feel extremely lucky we can meet her and Lucky in our life! It is definitely the BEST place for you and your dog!

– Shan Shan Wei & Lucky

Carrie Macy

Stephanie has been a godsend for my Chihuahua, Giovi, and me. I adopted Giovi from a shelter and soon realized that not only did I have a wonderful, cuddly companion but also sometimes a Tasmanian devil! He would literally try to attack any passerby, other dogs, and my friends who were meeting him for the first time… I got some Cesar Millan DVDs and tried to figure out how to handle him, but I was truly out of my league and stressed out. Then a friend recommended me to LA Dogworks where Stephanie was the head of training. As soon as I shook her hand and she greeted Giovi, I knew she was exactly what we needed. She impressed me right away with her confidence, knowledge, warm demeanor, and the way she made Giovi and I feel taken care of. We proceeded to have 5 lessons with her, and little by little my demon dog turned into the sweet little guy I knew he was. Stephanie’s guidance in basic obedience training and how to handle specific situations at my Pilates studio (where Giovi spends most of his day) completely changed how I behaved with Giovi and in turn how he behaved with me. I learned how giving Giovi rules and consistency made him calmer. Stephanie is amazing, so highly trained and skilled, she’s worth her weight in gold!

– Carrie Macy

Penny Spellman

Ellie & I just wanted to thank you for all your time & knowledge that you shared with us. We are already closer and happier. You are an amazing teacher!!! (and believe me… I know teachers!). We will continue to work on everything you have taught us and are looking forward to coming to play and learn more at your new facility. For dogs like Ellie and people like me… Please keep doing what your doing, because we need you. I will be sending a few dogs that I know and their owners your way… If that’s okay. Thank you so very much again!

Ever grateful.

– Penny Spellman

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