National Museum of Funeral History

National Museum of Funeral History


The National Museum of Funeral History in Houston, Texas, is a place of learning about the history of death care. Located at 415 Barren Springs Dr, Houston, TX 77090. It features artifacts that help educate the public and preserve the funeral heritage. This museum first opened in 1992. It features a variety of exhibits on funeral traditions throughout the world. It also offers educational programs and events for families. There are no admission fees to view the museum or its exhibitions.


The National Museum of Funeral History offers free parking and self-guided tours. You can also arrange for guided tours of the museum by calling or emailing in advance. A guide will lead you through the exhibits and share stories with you. There are several different admission rates, including reduced admission for senior citizens and military veterans. If you’d like to see more than a few exhibits, you can opt for a guided tour.


The museum’s galleries feature a vast selection of artifacts from every era of American history. You’ll find everything from a reconstructed 1900’s casket factory to a collection of Victorian-era furniture. There is even a special tribute to the late actor Adam West. You’ll also find plenty of books on funeral traditions, from how to organize a memorial service to the most intimate details of a funeral. Click for more info.


The National Museum of Funeral History is located in a former industrial park in south Texas. It’s surrounded by sprawling town homes. The entrance to the museum features a large wall with the words “Funeral” and “Museum” inscribed on it. You can also browse the gift shop while you’re there. Don’t miss the exhibit on the past presidents of the United States, which features a collection of presidential hearses.


The National Museum of Funeral History has a gift shop that offers items for all ages. Aside from a large variety of artifacts, the museum also has a museum store that features death-themed gifts. You can purchase a t-shirt bearing a skull, a salt and pepper shaker shaped like a tombstone, or a baby sippy cup that looks like a tombstone.


The National Museum of Funeral History is an excellent educational experience for families with children. The museum contains a large collection of artifacts that cover the history of the funeral industry. Visitors can learn about the funeral traditions of ancient civilizations, learn about the uses of objects during a funeral, and pay tribute to a famous family member or celebrity. The museum is located in downtown Houston and is open daily. You can purchase a ticket to the National and other exhibits from the gift shop.


If you’re interested in funeral history, this Houston museum is the perfect place to visit. The museum’s permanent exhibits feature items from the death of the late President George H.W. Bush. The Museum also hosts educational programs on funeral services and the history of science and technology. This Houston TX attraction is an important stop for families. You’ll discover the history of the funeral industry in the U.S. and around the world. A great place to also visit is.