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You and your pup have a really close bond. In some environments, dogs can develop separation anxiety from their owners, causing them to exhibit behavioral issues when their family leaves, even just for a couple of hours. With dog separation anxiety training in Houston, you can create a more stress-free environment for your furry friend when you leave for short periods.

At Peace Love Dogs, Houston’s expert dog training team, we specialize in creating positive bonds between owners and pups. With our behavior consultants, you can reshape how your dog handles being left alone to prevent torn-up couches and stains on the carpet. With this positive reinforcement, your family can enjoy newfound freedom as your pup relishes in a relaxing sense of confidence.

Recognizing the Signs of Dog Separation Anxiety

Dog separation anxiety causes dogs to develop distinct behavioral tendencies, but you may confuse these signs with other concerns. In many cases, owners simply assume their dog is acting up to get attention or has come down with some sort of illness. In other cases, pups can get bored when they’re left home alone for many hours, leaving them to destroy the house if they don’t have a proper way to get their energy out. 

If you can rule out boredom, poor behavior due to a lack of training, and illness, you may want to consider anxiety. Dogs experience anxiety when they’re under extreme amounts of stress, causing them to lash out in unusual ways. 

Here are some signs of dog separation anxiety:

If you’re unsure about whether or not your dog acts this way when you’re gone, you can consider installing a pup camera to view their behaviors around the clock. If you notice that many of the above signs align with when you leave home, you should call Peace Love Dogs to sign up for our Houston-based training. You can get started with dog separation anxiety training in Houston by calling (346) 639-3629

Why Do Some Dogs Develop Separation Anxiety?

Dogs can develop separation anxiety for numerous reasons. Dogs are pack animals so when one of their members leaves, they feel a bit on edge. 

Typically, dogs should learn your routine and develop trust so they understand that you will always return. Some dogs, though, struggle to understand this concept due to past traumas and other factors.

Here are some of the most common causes of dog separation anxiety:

Dogs require trust and stability in their lives, just as we do. When they lack these qualities due to issues like abuse, neglect, traumatic events, or frequent changes, they will feel anxious, and you will notice the signs. Still, it’s important to note that some dogs develop separation anxiety for seemingly no reason. Your pup may have had a wonderful, stable upbringing and still developed these symptoms. 

While you may not be able to reverse events from your dog’s younger years, you can still work to build a stronger, healthier future for your pup by attending training courses. 

Developing a Confident Bond Between You and Your Pup

Overcoming separation anxiety involves addressing the underlying cause of your dog’s fears. At Peace Love Dogs, our dog separation anxiety training in Houston focuses on strengthening your dog’s self-confidence, independence, and trust so they can overcome the fear they experience when you leave the home. We work on healthy coping mechanisms for dealing with anxiety and stress, positive reinforcement tactics, healthy decision-making, and trust-based routines. 

By rewarding your dog for behaving correctly and showing them they can trust you to return, you can slowly create the positive relationship you desire. Working through separation anxiety is a slow, frustrating process, but we’re here to help you through every hurdle along the way.

Class Details

Our Separation Anxiety Program runs for four weeks, allowing us to provide intensive, hands-on training for your dog. Each week, we will progress through different tactics personalized to your pup’s severity and needs. You can sign up for private or group training, depending on your personal preferences and your dog’s comfort around other animals.

We often recommend group training for extra socialization, though private training can provide additional support for dogs who require more rigorous, concentrated efforts.  

Tips on Continual Separation Anxiety Training

After our four-week Separation Anxiety Program closes, we provide you with the tools and knowledge needed to continue training your pup at home. We want you to understand how to create a positive, healthy environment outside of our classroom. 

For example, here are some tips for anxiety training that you can work on between classes:

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